Alejandro Rodriguez

Our Sommelier

Born and raised in Argentina, Alejandro Rodriguez always had a passion for wines. He chose to study Informations Technology and worked in this area for serveral years. But in 2003, he started giving way to his real passion: Sommelierie. He graduated with honors and got the sommelier double degree from Escola de Restauracio I Hostalatge (Barcelona, Spain) and the Escuela Argentina de Sommeliers, (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Since then, Alejandro quit corporate life and now dedicates himself to his beloved sommellierie. He is currently Director at the Escuela Argentina de Sommeliers and is also the mind behind the Argentina Wine School in China.

Named the best wine communicator of the year in 2014 (Cuisine & Vins magazine), Alejandro also conducts different talks, lectures and seminars. He has given some of these presentations for Alta Vista wines (Argentina), Cuisine & Vins Magazine (Argentina), Ashridge Business School (UK), Northeastern University (USA), Penn State University (USA), and others.

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